Get a life, get active...go walking
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Get a life, get active...go walking

HPA, November 2006.
This is a reprint of Get a life, get active…go walking, February 2004.
This leaflet explains the benefits of regular physical activity, particularly walking. It outlines the many reasons why we should walk, how much we should walk and how often. It also provides safety advice when walking. The revised version also directs the public to the website for more information.
1/3 A4, 6 pages, leaflet
Other formats:
PDF available here (163kb)
Target group:
General public, particularly sedentary people
Additional information:
This leaflet is available from the central health promotion resource services. Cycling is also another excellent form of physical activity, for further information, see the HPA leaflet Get a life, get active...go cycling.
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